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Acne scarring occurs from a fibrous process in which new collagen is laid down to heal a full-thickness injury. In other words, as acne breakouts penetrate the skin deeply, they damage the skin and the tissue beneath it, this signals the body to repair the damage. During this process, collagen production occurs, and if there is too much or too little collagen, then a scar forms. It is most often seen in patients with moderate to severe acne vulgaris, nodulocystic acne, and other severe forms associated with acne.

There are several types of acne scars which include deep, narrow, and pitted scars known as “Ice Pick scars”, atrophic scars that are flat, thin scars, and keloid scars which are thick and raised. My Med Spa offers several treatment options that can help reduce the appearance of scars such as chemical peels, laser genesis, Microneedling, Intense Pulse Light therapy (IPL), fillers, and skin care products. It is important to seek treatment for scarring as soon as possible due to the loss of collagen that occurs with aging that often makes scars more noticeable. My Med Spa specifically offers a chemical peel, called Prodigy Peel I/II, that contains ingredients such as resorcinol, lactic acid, and salicylic acid with a booster that is safe and effective for all skin types. This light depth peel stimulates the natural exfoliation process and provides total skin revitalization for mild to moderate acne and uneven skin texture. Laser genesis, also known as the Hollywood facial, is another effective treatment option that has no downtime and is safe for all skin types.

As previously mentioned, collagen plays a vital role in the healing process. Laser genesis helps with acne scars by collapsing the unnecessary vessels that lead to redness and erythema, and stimulates collagen production, resulting in improved skin texture and smaller pore size. The type of acne scar and severity will depend on the best treatment method necessary and the number of treatments required.

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