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Cleanse and Exfoliate Your Skin with Amarte'

At My Med Spa, we offer Amarte’s Daily Exfolipowder. Also known as the “wonder wash” and unlike most exfoliants and facewashes this unique product comes in a powder form. Amarte’s Daily Exfolipowder is a plant seed based polishing cleanser. Amarte’s Daily Exfolipowder removed dry, dull skin. Amarte’s Daily Exfolipowder is a light exfoliator that really washes off any make up, dirt and dead skin cells. Amarte’s Daily Exfolipowder is gentle enough to use every day. Amarte’s Daily Exfolipowder is a unique combination of botanicals, making this face wash suitable for all skin types. Amarte’s Daily Exfolipowder has three key ingredients: Arbutin, Genistein and Purified Nano Sulfur. The Arbutin in Amarte’s Daily Exfolipowder is an anti-oxidant that brightens and calms your skin. The Genistein is an anti-oxidant that lightens and helps prevent DNA damage. The purified Nano Sulfur in Amarte’s Daily Exfolipowder exfoliates and purifies your skin. Amarte’s Daily Exfolipowder has a very delightful and fresh fragrance. The fragrance essences are comparable to fruits such as peaches and berries, and floral scents like rose, lily and orange blossom. At My Med Spa, we only offer the best of the best! And Amarte’s daily Exfolipowder will make you feel refreshed after every wash.

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