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A toned and well sculpted body starts with strong muscles. The EMsculpt from BTL helps you build muscle and burn fat, leaving you with a body that you can look and feel good in.

Muscle building and toning is important to many people all over the world. Whether you want to look good in a swimsuit, or feel stronger, muscle building will help you gain confidence. My Med Spa offers TheEmsculpt which is the only procedure to help both men and women build muscle and sculpt their body. TheEmsculpt is the world’s first non-invasive muscle building and butt-toning procedure. Then Emsculpt canprovide muscle building on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves, biceps, and triceps. The Emsculpt inducesmuscle contractions not achievable through voluntary contractions to build muscle. When exposed to strongcontractions, the muscle tissue is forces to adapt. The muscles respond with a deep remodeling if its innerstructure that results in muscle building and sculpting. The Emsculpt will build muscle and provide a maximumworkout while you are laying down and relaxing. The 30-minute Emsculpt treatment is equivalent to doing20,00 crunches. The Emsculpt is building muscle with a 30-minute treatment, scheduled 2-3 days apart. TheEmsculpt is the number one treatment purchased at My Med Spa for muscle building. My Med Spa also offersmany other body contouring treatments. The Trusculpt at My Med Spa is a non-invasive fat reductionprocedure with zero downtime. The Exilis system at My Med Spa will tighten skin while also contouring hips,thighs, and buttocks. These treatments are perfect to do prior to Emsculpt to prepare your body for musclebuilding.

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