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iS CLINICAL Copper Firming Mist

At My Med Spa, we take pride in providing quality products from iS CLINICAL. The Copper Firming Mist is a product that focuses on hydrating. The Copper Firming Mist treats and hydrates as well as focuses on age defying and firming. The treatment mist provides antioxidants to the treated area. The Copper Firming Mist increases the skins elasticity and firmness. This product refreshes the skin while also hydrating the skin. The Copper Firming Mist also works as a setting spray for makeup. This paraben free product gives a refreshing natural orange blossom scent. The Copper Firming Mist can be used on all skin types and on all genders. It is best used on dehydrated and aging skin. It can also be used on a sunburn. The application process for the Copper Firming Mist is easy. Patients will spray liberally on their face and they will immediately receive a boost of hydration. The Copper Firming Mist can be applied on the neck as well as the face. The key ingredients in the Copper firming Mist include copper PCA 1.0% which is used to help firm the sebum production. Copper also helps stimulate the process of collagen synthesis. Biopeptide Copper 1.0% is another key ingredient in the Copper Firming Mist. This helps in the repair of the tissue in humans. It also helps in anti-wrinkle and hair loss protection. The next key ingredient in the Copper firming Mist is Cola Nitida Seed extract, Paullinia Cupa Extract and Ilex Paraguariensis Leaf Extract. These ingredients are botanical antioxidants. They also combine to help with antifungal and antibacterial factors. These group of ingredients work as a toner for the skin. The last key ingredient is Pichia/Resveratrol ferment extract. This ingredient has multiple benefits including anti-inflammatory and environmental protection. The Copper Firming Mist is a great product by Is Clinical that aids in all forms of hydration and adds a refreshing touch to your skin.

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