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The Emsella at MyMedSpa Plano is a non-invasive device for improving Bladder Control and Stimulating blood flow to improve pelvic wall strength and support. The Emsella at MyMedspa plano is non-invasive chair that you simply sit on to experience the breakthrough treatment for incontinence at MyMedSpa. The treatment with the Emsella at MyMedSpa is not painful, but rather a unique tingling experience as the muscles contract in the Pelvic Floor. The Emsella treatment at MyMedSpa is equivalent to 14,000 kegel contractions! There is no down time or post treatment pain as the Emsella treatment incorporates periods to allow the muscles to rest and release lactic acid. The Emsella at MyMedSpa is great for both men and women. A complete treatment is only 6 sessions of 28 minutes on The Emsella at MyMedSpa. A “top up” is recommended after 2 months to ensure longevity and patient satisfaction of the results at MyMedSpa. The Emsella at MyMedSpa in Plano is known for its non invasive treatment of urinary incontinence, but the improved Blood Flow to the pelvic wall, makes this a favorite treatment by all of us at MyMedSpa Plano.

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