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Hydrafacial is designed to cleanse, peel, extract, hydrate, fuse, protect, perk & boost.

Add the Eye Perk to your next Hydrafacial

A Hydrafacial Eye Perk at My Med Spa brightens and refreshes your eyes with key ingredients including a blend of green tea extract, arnica flower extract, citric acid, and earth mineral peptides.

Hydrafacial Eye Perk is specifically designed to leave this delicate area toned, firmed and hydrated.

If you feel your eyes have been looking tired and droopy, a Hydrafacial Eye Perk Treatment at My Med Spa is exactly what you need.

Hydrafacial Eye Perk awakens the delicate eye area to help gently brighten, tone and firm the outer eye area helping to take years off your appearance. Keeping you looking younger and refreshed! Hydrafacial Eye Perk is an ideal solution to improve the overall appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles. Hydrafacial Eye Perk is suitable for

A Hydrafacial Eye Perk is the ideal complement to a Hydrafacial treatment in the delicate areas around your eyes where a gentle approach is best. A Hydrafacial Perk can be added to any other HydraFacial at My Med Spa to enhance your facial experience, or done alone for a quick and easy refreshing experience. Pair a Hydrafacial Eye Perk with a Hydrafacial Lip Perk for an even more outstanding result! Prolong your amazing results with Hydrafacial take home Perk products!

Book an appointment with My Med Spa today and see which Hydrafacial option is right for you!

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