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The NEW Triton by InMode provides simultaneous dual wavelengths, allowing operators to treat a greater range of skin types and skin tones, including skin type IV, all on one workstation.

Triton by InMode

The Triton machine helps with all laser hair removal issues. The triton is the first ever machine to combine three of the most commonly used wavelengths in one single machine by the use of fusion technology. The fusion technology allows technicians at My Med Spa to address all skin types. The body’s hair grows in three stages: the anagen, catagen and telogen stage. During laser hair removal, the laser only destroys the hairs that are in the anagen stage. Unlike other laser hair removal machines, the Triton uses a higher power wavelength to allow for a powerful treatment. The Triton can be used on all body parts. The Triton differs from other machines because it is minimally invasive. At My Med Spa, we recommend the patient receiving an average of six laser hair removal treatments that are spread out every six weeks. The Triton includes a cooling tip that allows for the patient to have a comfortable treatment. At My Med Spa, patients are instructed to shave the treated area the morning of the treatment. This allows for the laser to get deep into the follicle and damage the follicle that is in anagen stage. Ultrasound gel is applied on the treated area to allow the handpiece to gently glide over the patient’s skin. After the treatment, laser technicians at My Med Spa clean the treated skin and apply epionce Priming oil on the skin followed by Epionce’s enriched firming mask. The application of the priming oil and enriched firming mask allow the skin to calm down and cool while also treating the skin. Technicians at My Med Spa encourage the laser hair removal recipient to keep applying the priming oil and enriched firming mask for a couple days after the treatment to ensure proper healing of the skin. At My Med Spa, laser technicians will work to treat all of your laser hair removal needs.

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