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Hydrafacial is designed to cleanse, peel, extract, hydrate, fuse, protect, perk & boost.

Here at My Med Spa we strive to use the latest technology available. A Hydrafacial will cleanse and peel by uncovering a new layer of skin. Hydrafacials make your skin feel refreshed and clean! Hydrafacial is also designed to extract by using vortex fusion to remove dirt and bacteria from your pores. Hydrafacials hydrate by nourishing your skin with intense yet gentle moisturizers that will leave your skin with the perfect amount of hydration. A Hydrafacial at My Med Spa will give you that intense glow that we all crave! Hydrafacial also help to fuse and protect your skin by saturating your skin’s surface with antioxidants and peptides to maximize your results. Perk it up with lip and eye perk! Hydrafacial perks at My Med Spa can give you that little something extra, leaving your eyes and lips looking brighter and fuller!

Boost your results with any one of our extra Hydrafacial boosters. Hydrafacial boosters are designed to treat all sorts of additional concerns as well. Use Hydrafacial boosters at My Med Spa to treat; Fine lines & wrinkles, improve elasticity, correct uneven skin tone, skin texture, brown spots, oily & congested skin.

Book an appointment with My Med Spa today and see which Hydrafacial option is right for you!

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