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What is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is a machine manufactured by BTL that helps build muscle, sculpts, and contours your abs, buttocks, calves, biceps, and triceps.

The Emsculpt is a 30-minute treatment which generally requires a minimum of 4 sessions of EMsculpt treatment that are two to three days apart to experience the best that Emsculpt has to offer. At My Med Spa we will create a custom Emsculpt treatment plan that will help you reach your specific goals. The Emsculpt can benefit anyone, and receive results from the EMSCULPT procedures. At my med spa we will walk you through how the Emsculpt is beneficial.

While using the Emsculpt for building muscle, sculpting abs, lifting buttocks, improving calves, biceps, and triceps, you will feel results from the Emsculpt treatments at My Med Spa right after the first Emsculpt treatment.

EMsculpt is used to help with improvement of abdominal muscles, strengthening and tightening of the abdominal muscles, firmer abs and build your entire abdominal area. Emsculpt also will help with strengthening, sculpting, toning and firming your arms, biceps, triceps and buttocks. Improvement of muscles and firmness using the Emsculpt is changing how people view exercising. The Emsculpt is state of the art for strengthening muscles in arms, buttocks, abs, and calves.

While using the EMsculpt, a healthy diet and lifestyle is encouraged. Emsculpt can be combined with other treatments at my med spa, including, but not limited to, Trusculpt, and Exilis. The emsculpts state of the art technology allows for the muscle building of the abs, arms, buttocks, calves, biceps, and triceps.

The EMsculpt builds muscle by flexing the muscle over 20,000 times in 30 minutes. In an Emsculpt clinical study, the Emsculpt achieved up to 16 % increase in muscle mass by just using the Emsculpt for 30 minutes in four treatments. The Emsculpt works the skeletal muscles in the abs, arms, buttocks, calves, biceps and triceps. The muscles are a form of striated muscle tissue, most of which are attached to bones via tendons which are bundles of collagen fibers.

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