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What is Exilis?

Exilis is a machine manufactured by BTL which focuses on skin tightening and toning with the use of radio frequency and ultrasound. Energy is spread to different depth of the tissue with the help controlled heating and cooling. This changing from cool to heat allows the treated area to have all layers of tissue treated.

Patients who want skin tightening between the age of 21-70 are the prime candidates for Exilis. My Med Spa will make a custom exilis package for each patient that shows them how many treatments the patient will need for optimal skin tightening results. The average amount of treatments varies from 2 to 4. A single Exilis treatment averages between 15-30 minutes. Most patients describe this treatment similar to a hot stone massage. This is a pain free, non surgical, non invasive procedure. While being treated, the patient is lying down, allowing for optimal skin tightening results and allowing for the patient to relax. There is no recovery time for the patient after using Exilis. Patients see a result after a single session in some cases. But optimal skin tightening results will continue to improve up to 3 months after the initial procedure. Exilis can help motivate patients to better their workout and diet regimen. Exilis is unlike anything else for the fact that this machine uses both ultrasound and radio frequency (RF) at the same time. This skin tightening treatment is safe and relaxing for the patients. At My Med Spa, patients leave after their skin tightening treatment with zero downtime. Exilis when performed on the face, results in a lifting of the face and tightening of the skin with no pain and non invasive. When done under the chin, Exilis can treat that area with no discomfort and allows the patient to see results as soon as after the first treatment. Exilis gives the patients a natural looking lift and tightening.

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