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IV vitamin therapy is rapidly gaining popularity in recent years for the many benefits it can offer: improved hydration, improvement of fatigue, muscle recovery, improved energy, increased fat metabolism and improved skin health.

IV Vitamin Therapy

IV hydration has been a staple of therapy in a hospital setting for decades given the ability to rapidly infuse fluids directly into a vein thereby bypassing the digestive system and offering immediate delivery to the tissues and organs where it is most needed. This bypassing of the digestive system allows not only for quicker delivery, but also to be able to deliver higher concentrations of nutrients that otherwise would not be tolerated if one had to ingest them. The IV Vitamin infusion allows for a much higher bio-availability of the nutrients which then raises blood levels of the vitamin into the goal therapeutic range. Many factors affect the ability of our digestive system to not be able to absorb nutrients such as age, genetics, health status, metabolism, and interaction with other nutrients we consume. Vitamin deficiency results from the decreased absorption of vitamins from our foods we eat as well as eating a poor diet, such as the Standard American Diet, laden with processed foods and toxins.

Enter IV Vitamin Therapy! We at My Med Spa use the highest quality IV vitamin cocktails and can tailor any IV Vitamin therapy infusion to your individual needs. After a medical evaluation by our qualified nursing staff, we assess which nutrients are best for you. Whether it be pure IV hydration or a cocktail of IV Vitamins we can meet your needs. A couple of our most popular IV Vitamin infusions include:

Vitamin C

  • boosting immunity
  • increasing collagen production
  • increased overall well being

B complex vitamins

  • increase energy
  • mental clarity
  • metabolism

Amino Acids

Amino acids have a wide variety of uses but in general are the building blocks of protein.

  • muscle building
  • muscle recovery
  • hair, skin, and nail growth
  • beauty

Come see us at My Med Spa and achieve your most beautiful self from the inside out.

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