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Loose skin can really weight on your self confidence and is a common issue after weight loss.

Skin tightening can help patients with the appearance of sagging and loose skin. BTL's Exilis can treat the appearance of excess skin through tightening technology. With the use of exilis’ ultrasound and radio frequency, patients will be treated for skin tightening. Exilis can treat saggy or crepey skin on various body parts. Exilis can be performed on the legs, buttock, arms, thigh, chin, hands, and face.

Exilis can tighten and tone the skin in as fast as one treatment. My Med Spa can create a custom package that gives the patient optimal skin tightening results. Aging and sun exposure are the main causes of loose skin. Loose skin is a result of the elastic tissue and collagen breaking down. Thus, exilis treats all layers of the skin and tightens the skin from the deepest layer all the way to the surface layer. With the use of this ultra skin tightening treatment, Exilis aids in the stimulation and production of collagen. This results in the contouring and smoothing of the skin. Areas that can be treated include eyes, jaws, abdomen, ankles, mouth, arms, back, chin and knees. Exilis does not result in any pain, pain medications, downtime or scars.

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