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Why In Home Treatments are the Next Big Thing for Med Spas

Your clients are busy.  While flexible work schedules have helped improve work-life balance for many, productivity at home and work often come at the expense of downtime, especially during business hours.  This service gap presents a unique opportunity for Med Spas to expand client bases, offer unique services and dominate the market by offering personalized and convenient mobile services that move at the speed of life.

Personalized Care

The market shift toward personalization is no accident: consumers want control over the services they receive and the delivery of those services.  

Personalized care is customized and client-focused.  It shifts power in the provider-client relationship to the client and emphasizes the client’s role in decision making. Every client differs in their habits, goals and desires, and successful companies will cater to both. 

Many brands are currently leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) to increase the personalization of their products and services and outperform the competition.  Examples include online quizzes to determine the best acne treatments, at-home skin tests and virtual try-on platforms for makeup.  As a result, consumers feel more confident they will receive products or services that will best suit their individual needs.  In fact, a 2021 consumer survey suggests that almost 80% of consumers are likely to recommend to family or friends or repurchase from a company that personalizes its products or services.

While many Med Spa services are inherently customized to a client’s needs, these services can be further personalized by offering services outside of the brick-and-mortar Med Spa building through mobile Med Spa providers.  Clients that value customized services gravitate to the one-on-one, personalized offerings at-home appointments provide.  Customers can additionally request the same or different providers for services, allowing them to develop a rapport with repeat providers from your Med Spa.  

On-location services decrease the stress, increased time and capacity associated with transporting a large group to a single Med Spa location.  Customers with mobility issues, scent sensitivities, health conditions and/or privacy concerns can also benefit from the one-on-one service facilitated by in-home appointments.  Clients can also easily personalize couples sessions or sessions scheduled together with friends or family, and corporate events, parties and are also ideal for customized, mobile Med Spa services.  

Greater Convenience

Our society embraces convenience as one of the ultimate luxuries, and companies have responded.  While online order pickup, takeout and grocery delivery were initially borne out of necessity with the pandemic, these services are now required for retail businesses to stay competitive.  This focus on convenience has also resulted in the development of products designed to bring services into the home, including manicure kits and magnetic eyelashes for personal use, rather than requiring a trip to the salon or spa.

Appointment trends have also changed after the pandemic, with clients booking their appointments more than seven days in advance in order to secure the most convenient time.  In contrast, about 20% of clients booked their appointments within 24 hours between 2018 and 2019.  Importantly, about half of all appointments are booked outside of the typical nine-to-five business hours both before and after the pandemic.

With all of these options, consumers can buy just about anything they want at just about anytime they want it.  Successful businesses must adapt to increase the convenience and accessibility of their products and services to not only stay competitive but also to meet demand.  

The Med Spa space is no exception.  Many consumers are underwhelmed by over-the-counter skin care or other products and are willing to pay a premium for professional treatments, and  Med Spas that offer more conveniences with their services, like mobile in-home providers, will have a clear advantage over their competitors.

Ultimately, in-home mobile Med Spa services increase client convenience by reducing the time and stress associated with arriving at appointments on time.  Additionally, clients are typically more relaxed at the start of a service and don’t face any traffic after their appointment has ended.  In-home Med Spa services offer the added benefit of face-to-face interaction between provider and client without the client ever leaving home.  Many virtual and AR services lack this in-person communication, which many consumers felt was lacking both during and immediately after the pandemic.  

While the current “hustle” culture doesn’t always value or accommodate downtime, your Med Spa business can.  Offering mobile in-home services during and outside of normal business hours increases access to your services and expands your potential client base without the increased overhead costs associated with a larger physical space.  Flexible schedules additionally benefit your providers and can increase overall job satisfaction and employee retention.  Your Med Spa will be poised for market leadership and growth by combining added convenience with personalized service features and products.

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